Becoming An Apprenticeship Master: What Are The Conditions?

In 2019, the law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future changed the conditions for exercising the function of apprenticeship master . From now on, more employees can supervise apprentices under a work-study contract or a professionalization contract . What are the criteria to be met to become an apprentice master? What are the tutor’s responsibilities  ?

The prerequisites of the apprenticeship master in terms of professional experience

To hire an apprentice under an apprenticeship contract or a professionalization contract, the host company must necessarily appoint a person responsible for supervising the work-study trainee.

To allow a good level of supervision and the rise in skills of the apprentice, the apprentice master must be able to justify his professional experience, his level of qualification and meet the specificities of his branch agreement.  

Do you have to be a business owner to become an apprenticeship master? 

While it is true that in small companies, the manager generally occupies the function of apprenticeship master, any voluntary employee who fulfills the conditions below can claim to take on this role.

In addition, the apprenticeship supervisor must have enough time to participate in the apprentice’s professional project , which is not always the case for the entrepreneur.

On the other hand, the work-study contract being a full employment contract, the apprentice benefits from the status of employee. It is therefore the business manager who validates the signing of the work-study contract.

Be sufficiently qualified in his field of activity

To become an apprenticeship master, an employee or company manager must meet the following conditions:

  • be of legal age and voluntary (the mission of apprenticeship teachers cannot be imposed on them by employers);
  • exercising a professional activity in connection with the diploma prepared by the apprentice for at least 2 years or exercising a profession like this for a year and be holder of a diploma under the professional field to which the apprentice is prepared .

Before 2019, access to the function of learning tutor was more difficult. From now on, the conditions of access have been lightened: having a diploma or a qualifying title in the discipline in which the work-study trainee is trained allows the minimum period required to exercise an activity to be reduced by one year. professional .